Gods be Fightin’

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I don’t usually put rough sketches up here as stand alone posts… but I was kind of digging where this one was going.  If I can find the time I’ll work this one up into the more painterly style I’ve been enjoying lately.


Star Wars RPG Art Part II

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And the other one.  They asked for a female pirate holding a Vibro-ax.  My favorite part is that she’s wearing both a Rebel Alliance general’s insignia and an Imperial Officer’s hat.  I like to think she’s pretty proud of those pieces.  I do wish that I’d made the blade of the Vibro-ax steel rather than golden.  Gold looks too decorative rather than functional. 




Star Wars RPG Art

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Last year I made a couple images for FFG’s STAR WARS: Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook.  Due to minor life events (you know, like becoming a dad) I’d had to pass on a couple Star Wars gigs before this one.  It was a lot of fun to contribute imagery to the Star Wars galaxy, even in this very small way.
Here’s the first one:


And Sketches:


Jury Duty Sketches

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There’s a good bit of spare time when you’re on a jury.  You’re stuck in the back room but can’t talk to any of the other jurors about the one thing you all have in common… the case.  It’s a good time to sketch.




Night Walker

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Another pre-Cora's bedtime piece.  There wasn't a preconceived idea for this one so it changed a lot as it went along.

Berkey Cabins

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This was made over several nights while sitting on the floor next to Cora's crib during her dinner wind-down time right before bed.  It's one of the more relaxing parts of my day.  I was looking at a lot of John Berkey right before starting this one.  I'd like to think it comes through a bit.  

Winter Meeting

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Put this together over a few lunches.  I'm kind of digging the heavy texture thing and am going to try the same technique in a few more.