Getting Out of Town

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Jen and I are heading up to Squaw for the long weekend.  I'll be brining some paints and a small board so hopefully I can get some painting in.  Along those lines here's a small oil sketch from our campsite in the Grand Canyon.


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Process shots are always fun.  Since I just went back and did a little tweaking on an older piece I thought I'd throw the "how I got there" part in too.

Just getting an idea out at this point.  Pretty clunky.

Added some canvas and started testing out color and form.

Followed that line to this point.
Wasn't sure what to do with the edges so it got that weird egg frame.

Called it good.  Now that I'm looking at it again I kind of liked how the head shape in the earlier step mirrored the shape of the misty pyramid in the back.  This might be one that I come back to yet again.

Norns find a home

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More Norns, this time with a friend.


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Now they're not just tree-people... they're the Norn from Norse mythology. They're kind of like the Fates of Greek myth, all hip to the is, was, and will be of the land. Since in Norse mythology the universe is held together by a giant world tree it made sense for these ladies with their special insight into that world to be of the tree itself.


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Here are a couple tree-people based off of the silhouette exercise. This first one is digital.

This one is markers and pencil on tracing paper (markers on one side, pencil on the other). I'm going to stick with them over the next couple posts.

FIRST POST: Silhouettes

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Time to test this thing out. First post, here we go!!!

I took an 8 week entertainment design class with Todd White. We started with silhouettes. I found it a great way to brainstorm shapes but can be a bit restrictive if you already have a solid idea of the type of character you're looking for.