Card Art

Posted 12/8/10 0 comments

Here's some Lord of the Rings card art from a while ago.  This is the first time I really gave Corel Painter a solid go for an image.  All in all Painter is a great program but I've found that Photoshop can do most of the same things and I can move around much more quickly there.

Here's the sketch they chose (before changes).  They decided they didn't want the horse, staff, or Orthanc in the image.  Without those elements we decided to crop in around the central figure.

Home in the Sky

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Another sketch.  I kind of like this one.  This is what comes out when you watch Up and play Uncharted 2 within a couple days of each other.

Illustration Master Class

Posted 12/3/10 1 comments

I signed up for the illustration master class a couple weeks ago.  Click the image above to check it out.  It's like Summer Art-Camp for adults that's run by a whole gaggle of illustrators I really respect (and am looking forward to meeting).  I've moved past "excited" and into the realm of "crazy excited."

Dino Rider

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This is an older Challuunge.  Even dinosaurs need team spirit!