Figure Painting

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Another painting from Costumed Figure Painting Class at the museum.  I really enjoyed this one and liked the way it came out.  I've got several others squirreled away that... didn't turn out so well.  The model that night was Liza.  She did a great job.  Her daughter posed for us a couple weeks later.  She was great too.

More Lord of the Rings

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Another card for FFG's Lord of the Rings Card game.  This was my first try at horses.  Drawing and painting horses always kind of freaked me out.  Looking at this piece again, the one in the back could use another pass but I'm pretty happy with the guy up front.

Lord of the Rings Card

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A card made for Fantasy Flight Games' Lord of the Rings card game from a while back.  Painting all the layers of texture was a blast.

Figure Painting @ Jerry’s

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Over the weekend Jerry Stinson and his wonderful wife Karen had a small group of artist out to their home for an afternoon of costumed figure painting.  It made for a Great day.  Perfect weather, tasty food, great company… and painting.  Our model was Carolyn.  She always brings fantastic costumes.

Illustration Master Class 2011: Done

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Wow that week went fast.  Rebecca and everyone else involved have put together an amazing program.  The tough part now is putting into practice the volumes of information they gave us.


Here's my workspace juuust before getting started painting.  The dragon-hotrod on the left belongs to Derek Ring and that tiny hint of shoulder on the right is Drew Baker.  As soon as my painting is dry it'll get shipped back from Massachusetts and I can finish it up.  I'll post it shortly there after.

More Costumed Figure Sketches

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Costume2.3small  Costume2.2small  Costume2.1small

Here are three more oil sketches from the museum’s Costumed Figure sessions.  The classes are three hours long leaving probably a little over two and a half hours for painting with the breaks.  It’s a lot of fun but holy-crap those three hours go by quickly.

Figure Painting

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Every once and a while Ron Spears hosts a figure painting afternoon at his house.  What a nice guy.  This is my painting from one such session a couple weeks ago.


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I made this a little while ago for 5finity’s VOLTRON: United and Drawn art book.  It was a lot of fun.  The only guideline was that the image had to be somehow related to Voltron.  I got my copies in the mail a couple weeks ago and I’ve got to say that they did a very nice job putting the book together.

Inverted Alien

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Another sketch for Art Challuunge.  This one was a lot of fun and I’m pretty proud of that bubble!

Photoshop Sketch

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My Art Challuunge from last week.  It was a lot of fun but now that I’m looking at it again I’m starting to wonder how much my recent viewing of Tangled snuck its way in.  Hmmmmmmm…

Costumed Figure Studies

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The Nevada Museum of Art has a great selection of classes and open studio sessions.  We just finished a four week open studio focusing on the costumed figure.  The models were great and all had a wealth of knowledge regarding the time periods and characters they were dressed as.  I’m trying to get my traditional media legs back so I made an oil sketch each session.  The first one was embarrassing enough to get turned upside-down and reused the second week (WWII German Medic).  Each panel is 16” x 20” and was made in just under 3 hours.

Warhammer Card

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Another card from the same Warhammer set that I posted about earlier. Here's the other card. This armor already existed in the Warhammer universe so it was more my job to give the guy a pose and render the armor nicely enough to make it look attractive. I had a lot of fun doing it.

And the sketch.  The green line shows where the card template cuts into the image.