Even More Figure Drawing

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Figure Drawing

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Looking through the hard drive I found a batch of figure drawings that I shot but never posted.  Over the next few posts I'll share some of them.  These were done down at the Nevada Museum of Art with the poses being about 40 minutes (except that first one).  And yes, this is me stalling to buy more time to finish what's in the studio.

Wing Head

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No painting today.  Just a sketchbook drawing.  I've been doing a lot of sketching lately and I've almost got this book filled!  I get ridiculous about sketchbooks in that I won't buy a new one until the previous one is completely finished.  The current one is really small so I'm looking forward to picking up a larger so I can get a little more elbow and shoulder into the drawing rather than just wrist and fingers.

Another Figure Sketch

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Another sketch from down at the High Sierra Art Academy.  In shocking news it turns out that an iPhone takes a better picture of a painting than my decade old digital camera.  Now I know.